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November 26 - December 4, 1997

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TV Timeline
October 1947 First World Series broadcast
November 1948 First election coverage
January 1949 Inauguration of President Truman
April 1949 Milton Berle hosts first telethon, for cancer research
November 1950 First Metropolitan Opera broadcast
Christmas 1950 First Disney broadcast
July 1952 First presidential-convention coverage
September 1952 Nixon's Checkers speech
January 1953 Little Ricky born on I Love Lucy
March 1953 Bob Hope hosts first Oscar telecast
June 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
March 1954 Edward R. Murrow interviews Joseph McCarthy
September 1954 First Miss America coverage
September 1956 Elvis on Ed Sullivan
March 1957 Vivienne Nearing beats Charles Van Doren on Twenty-One
February 1960 Jack Paar walks out on The Tonight Show
February 1960 First Olympics coverage
September 1960 Kennedy-Nixon debates
May 1961 Newton Minow says TV is a "vast wasteland"
February 1962 John Glenn orbits the earth
October 1962 Johnny Carson's first Tonight Show
August 1963 Civil-rights march on Washington
November 1963 John F. Kennedy assassination
February 1964 The Beatles on Ed Sullivan
August 1967 Last episode of The Fugitive
September 1967 Pete Seeger censored on The Smothers Brothers Show
April 1968 Martin Luther King assassination
June 1968 Robert Kennedy assassination
August 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago
November 1968 Heidi pre-empts the NFL
July 1969 Neil Armstrong's moonwalk
December 1969 Tiny Tim marries Miss Vicki
September 1970 Monday Night Football debuts
January 1971 PBS's Masterpiece Theatre debuts
August 1972 The Munich Olympics terrorist attack
May 1973 The Watergate hearings
August 1974 Nixon resigns
October 1974 Rhoda gets married
October 1975 Saturday Night Live debuts
November 1980 "Who shot J.R.?" revealed
March 1981 Reagan assassination attempt
July 1981 The Royal wedding
August 1981 MTV begins broadcasting
February 1983 Last episode of M*A*S*H
July 1985 Live Aid aired around the world
January 1986 Challenger explosion
October 1989 San Francisco earthquake
January 1991 Persian Gulf war
October 1991 Clarence Thomas hearings
February 1994 Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan Olympic faceoff
June 1994 O.J. takes his white Bronco for a spin
April 1997 Ellen comes out
September 1997 Princess Diana's funeral

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