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R: ARCHIVE, S: REVIEWS, D: 10/10/1996,

The Glimmer Man

Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? Can you laugh at Steven Seagal and still take one of his movies seriously? If so, you're in luck, because The Glimmer Man isn't half bad and actually has a rather detailed plot. Keenen Ivory Wayans plays a homicide detective trying to solve a recent string of murders by a killer he dubs the "Family Man." Seagal, a new-agey cop with a checkered past, arrives on the scene and establishes that the killings are the work of a professional, and not a serial killer. As the duo dig deeper, they realize that the case involves the Russian mafia, the Catholic Church, and a prominent businessman. And Wayans learns that Seagal may have something to do with it all.

As seriously as Seagal takes himself, he at least makes no pretensions this time around about trying to save the world. Wayans is a good comic foil for Seagal, delivering even the most inane lines smoothly and confidently. Unfortunately, The Glimmer Man falls apart in the last half-hour, when director John Gray has the bad guys quickly explain everything so he can move on to a gory and mundane slugfest. At the Cheri, the Fresh Pond, and the Circle and in the suburbs.

-- Mark Bazer