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R: ARCHIVE, S: REVIEWS, D: 06/05/1997,

Gone Fishin'

Joe Pesci and Danny Glover need to get their agents on the phone, pronto. Gone Fishin' is one of the most mindlessly banal so-called comedies ever made. The movie tries to re-create the hackneyed buddy-film formula, à la Cheech and Chong, but ends up more like a painfully interminable episode of Three's Company.

Pesci and Glover play Joe and Gus, a dimwitted (some might say mentally challenged) duo who set off on a long-awaited fishing trip to the Everglades. Needless to say, nothing goes as planned, and the hapless pair bumble through a series of mishaps involving unfriendly alligators, sinister bad guys, and blown-up hotel rooms. Spewing sparkling catchphrases like "Holy smokes!", the accident-prone twosome finally prevail, but there's nothing here amusing enough to justify two hours of your time. At the Copley Place, the Fresh Pond, and the Allston and in the suburbs.

-- Clarissa Cruz