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R: ARCHIVE, S: MOVIES, D: 07/30/1998,


BASEketball stars the uninteresting South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone plus Jenny McCarthy, who's been telling interviewers that she improvised a lot. Well, there are always going to be movies like this. But this particular piece of trash is directed by David Zucker, one of the geniuses who brought us Airplane! And that can only mean the end of the world is near.

After a promising opening deadpan sequence about the downfall of sports, Zucker hands over the reins to the two South Park morons, whose idea of cutting-edge comedy is swearing a lot and French kissing each other. Parker and Stone play Joseph Cooper and Doug Remer, the stars and inventors of a new sports sensation. A mix of basketball and baseball, BASEketball is like one of those games that you dreamed up as a kid and that's never meant to be seen by anyone, especially in scene after scene of a motion picture. The South Park guys are supposed to keep us entertained, but there's nothing inspired about their gross behavior. As for Mr. Zucker, just one question: what happened to the jokes?

-- Mark Bazer