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R: ARCHIVE, S: MOVIES, D: 04/13/2000,

Where the Money Is

In this quirky little crime caper directed by Mariek Kanievska, Henry (Paul Newman), a convicted mastermind, feigns a stroke. Luck and a prison-overflow problem get Henry relocated to a nursing home, where he receives therapy in the form of a lap dance by Carol (the always sexy Linda Fiorentino), who doesn't buy Henry's near-coma state. After much goading and a wheelchair push into the bay, Carol cracks the old coot's game and the two bond, waxing on about Henry's past deeds and contemplating their next move. Hanging in the background, with a touch of jealousy, is Carol's small-town husband (Dermot Mulroney). Eventually the trio hatch an ingenious scheme to knock off an armored car at the start of its route and then, disguised as the guards, complete its pick-up schedule. Things go off almost without a hitch and so does the film. It's not terribly predictable, and the three leads create some chemistry. Where the Money Is knows where the smart box-office money is.

-- Tom Meek