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Beauty’s Pizza
Gorgeous geek-out
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When the big game is on TV, restaurants that deliver become an essential part of the evening. During a recent Sox-Yankees broadcast, four friends found themselves high and dry (and starving) when a local taqueria failed to show up with their order. Had the Sox not been winning, the quartet might have turned on each other in cannibalistic desperation. Fortunately, there was a computer within reach, and thanks to the Beauty’s Pizza Web site, the night was saved with a few quick clicks.

Beauty’s distinguishes itself with fresh ingredients, and its chefs keep their eye on trends, offering whole-wheat crusts and updating their menu with seasonal specials. A recent visit to their site touted the "Bombay Special," which included curry sauce and chicken. Plenty of other creative options, both with meat and without, are available as 12-inch medium ($10.99), 14-inch large ($12.99), and 16-inch extra-large ($14.99) pies. Expect regular items such as the "Pepperoni Deluxe" and "Delightfully Hawaiian," but read the full menu to see the more unusual offerings, like "Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken" and "Mexican Beauty." Classic build-your-own pies ($6.99/$8.99/$10.99) can be dressed from the full slate of gourmet toppings. Oven-baked subs ($5.99) arrive bursting with the right balance of ingredients on warm, toasted rolls.

The Beauty’s storefront space isn’t much for atmosphere; this is strictly a take-out and delivery operation — but they do it to perfection. Expect the food to arrive on time, with each item marked with a computer-printed label that not only indicates what’s what but offers a slightly altered quotation from the likes of Mark Twain or Edgar Allen Poe. Beauty’s may have had MIT kids in mind when they put their menu online, but the whole neighborhood benefits from their excellent service. Pizza delivery as it should be can be a beautiful thing.

Beauty’s Pizza, located at 228A Broadway, in Cambridge, is open Monday through Thursday, from 11 am to midnight; on Friday and Saturday, until 1 am; and on Sunday, from 5 pm to 1 am. Call 617.876.6969 or visit www.beautys-pizza.com.


Issue Date: October 14 - 20, 2005
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