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The horror genre generally reflects the deepest anxieties of the audience. In the case of Bones, that fear might be that there will never be another decent movie made for African-Americans. To give director Ernest Dickerson credit, he does try to give this idiotic pastiche some street cred, touching on such relevant themes as the flight of the black middle class from the inner city and the fate of mixed-race children. Thereís also Snoop Dogg as a pimped-out bookie murdered in 1979 who returns from the dead when some kids try to open a dance club in his shuttered-up old tenement digs. He wreaks vengeance on those who did him in a tiresome Freddy Krueger way thatís as episodic as Scary Movie and mostly unintentionally funny, with a haunted house spewing maggots, a demonic dog eating human flesh, a self-restoring cadaver à la The Mummy, and Pam Grier as a spiritualist intoning lines like "Some holes canít be filled! Some hungers canít be satisfied!" Well, no, not if all there is to chew on are bones like this.


Issue Date: October 25 - November 1, 2001