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#1 supportah

name: Christina North

age: 23

resides: south shore

dislikes: playa haters, dirty looks

Christina North has hip-hop running through her veins. I know this because thatís the headline on her MySpace page (www.myspace.com/busthumps), a virtual clearinghouse of Boston hip-hop listings, MC shout-outs, and event fliers all hosted in the calendar section of her user profile. In the online scheduling spot where most artists promote their own shows, the 23-year-old uses her MySpace page like a date book, posting the club events sheíll be hitting, along with other underground parties she knows are going down. She canít even make all the events she lists: the Boston scene "is popping," she says, "if I went to everything on my calendar, Iíd have to clone myself twice over."

North doesnít make any money from her dedication ó sheís not a DJ, producer, or performer. Right now, she describes her role in the hip-hop scene as "Number One supporter." Sipping a vodka tonic and lime at Jillianís this past Sunday afternoon, she announces, "Honestly, if I ever go deaf, Iím going to have to commit suicide because I canít live without music."

Before we meet, North has prepared a text-message script in her Sidekick (ringtone: Old Dirty Bastardís "Shimmy Shimmy Ya") to run down her bio. In a sideward hat and green hoodie, she starts reading from it. She interned for Traffic Entertainment and Brick Records this past summer. Sheíll be graduating from UMass Boston this December with a degree in marketing ó six years after first enrolling in a community college. (She earned an associateís degree, took a year off, then transferred, which is why itís taken her a while.) But most important, North wants to "shout-out all the people in Boston, doing their thing," she says, scrolling down a list of namechecks in her cell phone, Academy-Awards-acceptance-speech-style: A. Garcia, "the best photographer in Boston," Special Teams, Dre Robinson, Termonology, DL. "Iím sure thereís more that Iím forgetting and Iím gonna feel really bad."

Right now, North lives on the South Shore with her dad, her 26-year-old brother, and her brotherís girlfriend. They donít get why sheís so into hip-hop. "My brother, like, I think heís got a little poker addiction. Every time I tell him to calm down on that, heís like, ĎCalm down on the hip-hop! Why donít you give hip-hop up?í Iím like, ĎShut up. Itís a little different.í But I probably spend as much going out as he does on poker."

North has been on the scene "seriously" for only six months. In that time, sheís played a corn-rowed security guard in DLís "Mirror" video, which was shot at Cambridgeís Massive Records; hung in the studio with artists whose names sheíd rather not mention; and followed around street teams. Sheís also been asked to interview DJs, artists, and promoters for the Boston Neighborhood Network local-rap show Strickly Hip-Hop at a pre-1995 bash called the Old School Party. "Right now, Iím just like someone whoís trying to seek up as much knowledge as possible right now, trying to learn it from the OGs."

Asked if she ever gets labeled a groupie, North drops her head. "Ow, címon, yeah. Thereís so many haters. Thatís why I feel like almost giving up sometimes.... I guess this is just a city of haters and I canít explain it any other way. I donít understand: Iím showing love and Iím promoting things for free, but people are still giving me dirty looks and stuff and I paid to get in." She knows her hip-hop shit, she swears. "People who donít know me, they might see me as like a groupie or maybe like Iím fronting on my hip-hop knowledge and that Iím just like, ĎOh yeah, this is cool, let me sneak up in here and try to be cool like everyone else.í Thatís not even how it is."

Ideally, though, North wants to be a major player. "Iíd like to own a record label and a store combined where I would sell merchandise, maybe even have it be a smoke shop, too, with a back room to sell cigars. And have a big-screen TV for dudes to come chill and get their minds off and shit, you know? Thatíd be dope."

The Old School Party happens this Sunday, October 16, at the Russell Auditorium, 80 Talbot Avenue, with DJ Laze Boy + Statik Selectah | 21-plus | 9 pm | $10 adv; $15 door.


Issue Date: October 14 - 20, 2005
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