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Electro-Porn duo

name: Angela

members: Christopher Rand, Rori Hanson

reside: in your pants

dislike: hot pockets without rockets

When I contacted Christopher Rand and Rori Hanson to write this article, the Jamaica Plain electro-porn duo, known as Angela, were so excited they told me, "We both just threw up in our mouths!"

Angela are all about expulsions, but mostly the sexual kind. Their first release, Greatest Hits Vol. 1, is a filthy-talking five-track package of homemade beats, digital hump-thumping, and queer sleaze. Angela’s lyrics tend to be dialogue snippets one would imagine whispered during a bathroom-stall introduction: "I’m a six foot queen/My style is so mean/I like it rough ... My favorite color’s green." The opener "Leave That Boy" is a diva-infused cell-phone lament about sex partners who won’t commit that oh-so abominable sin: "He won’t put his rocket into my hot pocket/Even though it makes me smile."

Angela’s dirty-doubleteam are roommates who by day work as bakers. Hanson, 24, has acted in theater productions. Rand is a 22-year-old School of the Museum of Fine Arts alum with a background in performance art; lately he’s been more inclined to dance in his underwear, recruit Hula-Hoopers, and play out as a dirty-party-rapper named Harlot. He and Hanson had never collaborated on a creative project until June, when one day they "thought it would be really fun to make an entire song comprised of sex noises." Rand made the computer beats and Hanson supplied the coital moans, but they didn’t think the combination was "full enough" for a whole track. So they added words and built the song into a hijack-my-back c’mon called "Stick It In My Ass" — sorta like Akinyele’s "Put It In Your Mouth" electro-retrofitted for back-door boys and girls.

They chose Angela as a moniker because they wanted a "stupid girls’ name," says Rand, sitting at Jacques this past Monday night.

"Something hot and gay," adds Hanson, who’s seated beside him. It’s a couple hours before they’ll perform in the cabaret-style all-gender showcase TraniWreck and they’ve already changed into their costumes: Rand is shirtless in cut-off denim overalls and black lacy gloves; Hanson’s outfitted in a too-small white tank top, leg warmers, fishnets, and a giant $ medallion. Beyond their trashy chic, she says they haven’t really cultivated personas. "I’m clearly a short, chubby white girl."

"I keep getting described as a tall black drag queen, but I don’t think of myself as a drag queen," says Rand, as a fake-diamond earring in the shape of the letter "G" falls off his right lobe. Clipping it back on, he adds, "Not that I don’t like drag queens."

Angela aren’t the first people to put graphic sex talk over backing tracks — call ’em Peaches without the beard, Fannypack with a fanny-hole obsession, Hawnay Troof with better spelling. But Boston can be a very uptight city. So when they first hit the stage, the crowd usually falls silent. "When we have to play two songs sometimes people just stare the whole time," admits Rand. "But when we play a whole set people go crazy."

Even though Angela have dissimilar perspectives on sex, they’re still able to co-write songs about it. Hanson says, "Chris and I have different likes in men-slash-women, but we can appreciate someone like Vince Vaughn."

"And we can also appreciate penetration," interjects Rand.

"MMM!" Hanson concurs.

"And what’s funny is that neither of us really have sex —"

"Ever!" emphasizes Hanson, laughing. "At this point, I feel like this show is getting us further and further from that."

They admit that Greatest Hits Vol. 1 makes them seem like "wicked bottom-of-the-barrel whores." So now they’re working Greatest Hits Vol. 2, which they call a step up, the equivalent of "high-class porn," says Rand. They’re currently developing a "classy" track about a pool-party fantasy.

The writing’s not coming as quickly as the dirty stuff, admits Hanson. "We don’t just want to rhyme ‘shit’ with ‘tit’ anymore, so it’s getting harder."

Angela play the Midway Café with Scrapple + DJ D’hana | Friday, October 22 | 3496 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain | 21-plus | 10:30 pm | $8 | 617.524.9038 and Club Europa with Dame Darcy + Lisa Suckdog | Monday, October 31 | 51 Stuart Street, Boston | 19-plus | 9 pm | $8–10 | 617.482.3939. Meet Angela online at www.myspace.com/youwantangela


Issue Date: October 21 - 27, 2005
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