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"A TALE OF ECLECTIC CITIES" TO BENEFIT INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS with Cirque du Singe Brise | 1 pm | Cantab Lounge, 738 Mass Ave, Cambridge | $8 | 617.354.2685

SUMMER CELEBRATION TO BENEFIT CASA NUEVA VIDA with silent auction + raffle + Latino dinner + music + dance performances + Thomas Menino + Dianne Wilkerson + Jeffrey Sanchez | 4-8 pm | Casa Nueva Vida, 53 Glen Rd, Jamaica Plain | $50 | 617.524.6332


On Night Rally’s latest release — three songs on the vinyl underbelly of the split LP with Clickers that constitutes Honeypump Records’ debut release — the Inman Square indie trio warp-speed away from last year’s Joy Division/Fugazi comparisons and head in a proggy, conceptual, stubbornly atonal direction. Loosely tied together by an abstract thread involving a plane, poison skies, and a pedal-powered mist of Rickenbacker drops, the trilogy closes with a nine-minute-plus planetarium jam that flies up to the heavens, where Cole Porter is a medicine man. Not exactly "Trapped in the Closet," but we like it. They’ll have plenty of headroom this evening, playing an outdoor freebie in an unlikely locale, with Badman + the Knee Highs at Flat Top Johnny’s, 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge | 6 pm, all ages | 617.494.9565.

CLUBS. The bad news: goth kids can’t get any more depressed than they already are. The good news: they’ll soon have a new haunt. As you may have heard, it’s last call at Man Ray this weekend; when the lease expires at the end of the month, the Central Square club will close the curtain on a 22-year run as Boston’s premier goth/industrial institution that included, in one six-month span back in 1990, gigs by Nirvana and Trent Reznor. Visitors to this weekend’s events get comped a VIP membership in the club’s new TBD location. Tonight: resident DJ Chris Ewen of Future Bible Heroes fame bids farewell with a final installment of the "disco-trash" dance party "Transmission" That’s at 21 Brookline St, Cambridge | 617.864.0400.

HIP-HOP. After years of laboring under the oppressive guidelines of backpacker hip-hop, local producer/DJ/MC D-Tension has snapped: he’s created a freaked-out multimedia spectacle (or, his words, "amazing fiasco") called D-Tension On Ice, a kind of "vaudeville hip-hop" stage show that’s "like a rock opera, only rap, and with no plot." Expect mariachi bands and food fights, an all-girl mosh pit and a song about child molesters acted out by puppets, a Public Enemy parody ("Dumb It Down") complete with fake S1Ws, and a cast that includes members of the Shods and Porn Theatre Ushers, the Legendary Floor Lords breakdancing crew, and "live soccer moms." And of course it’s being filmed for a DVD, at the Old Court, 29 Central St, Lowell | 978.452.0100.

Mark Schaffer spent years playing drums with Bay Area metal dudes Burmese, then moved to New York and decided to forget the whole "band" thing. He now tours as Schaffer The Darklord, spewing ironic, intelligent, and funny-as-hell white-boy flow like some bastard child of Paul Barman and Atom and His Package. Let’s hope tonight’s gig at the Midway goes better than the one he recounts in "Your Band": "Their drummer was soundman, he ran the PA/So there was feedback in the monitors and vocal delay/And we sold nothing, ’cause no one was there when we played/And their guitarist did door and we didn’t get paid." He’s at the Midway Café, 3496 Washington St, Jamaica Plain | $5 | 617.524.9038.

GLITCH. Kid 606’s atomized hip-hop beatscape The Action Packed Mentalist Brings You the Fucking Jams both predicted and pre-empted the mash-up craze, and ever since, he’s been the poster boy for laptop-geek-as-superhero, rolling out album after album of drilled, squelched, and jackhammered discs that work less like songs than like chase scenes — digital symphonies of speed and its consequences. He’s with the stars of his Tigerbeat6 label, Knifehandchop and Eats Tapes, at T.T. the Bear’s Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge | $10 | 617.492.BEAR.

PUNK’D. Trying to shame Sean Hannity is as fruitless an enterprise as trying to train your dog not to pee, but as politicized pranks go, the one perpetrated by Long Island indie-rockers Kids Against Combs beats anything PunkVoter came up with. KAC, you may recall, gave a fair-and-balanced account of Hannity’s home phone number by naming their debut album Sean Hannity (631) 673-8003. And though we’re pretty sure Sean’s got a new number, you might still want to go sing along with such loping weepers and rhythmically tricky entreaties as their "Capitalism Is Going To Break Your Heart" and "Fuck This, I’m Moving to Canada." They’re part of the 13-hour "Cirque du Singe Brisé" marathon at the Cantab downstairs, 738 Mass Ave, Cambridge | 1 pm | $8 | 617.354.2685.

JAZZ. Multi-saxman/bandleader Charlie Kohlhase keeps tinkering and regrouping, and he’s bringing two new bands that he developed this past winter in residencies at Hyde Park’s Artists-at-Large Gallery to Cambridge’s Zeitgeist. The Explorer’s Club matches Kohlhase with long-time collaborator Matt Langley on saxophones and adds guitarist Eric Hofbauer, bassist Jef Charland, and drummers Miki Matsuki and Chris Punis. Saxophone Support Group is Kohlhase with Langley, Sean Berry, Daniel Blake, Jared Sims, Josh Sinton, and Chris Veilleux. Zeitgeist Gallery | 1353 Cambridge St, Cambridge | 9:30 pm | $15 | 617.876.6060.

Los Hombres Calientes — the New Orleans jazz band fronted by trumpeter Irvin Mayfield and drummer Bill Summers — came up with their best pan-American sampler yet on the recent Vol. 5: Carnival (Basin Street), which avoids any lame attempt at mainstream-funk crossover by sticking to straight-up New Orleans boogie, Rio samba, and Afro-Cuban clave. And Mayfield’s front-and-center trumpet has never sounded better. They’re at the Regattabar, in the Charles Hotel, 1 Bennett St, Cambridge | 617.395.7757.


For the following shows, see the Club Directory for phone numbers and addresses.

ALL ASIA CAFE | Cambridge | 6 pm | Dann Russo

AVENUE ONE LOUNGE | Boston | 7:30 pm | Leah Souza Trio

THE AVENUE | Allston | 5 pm | "Acoustical Pop" with Ali

THE BEACHCOMBER | Quincy | Mark Morris & the Catunes

BLARNEY STONE PUB | Dorchester | Commercial dance and R&B

BOB’S SOUTHERN BISTRO | Boston | 8 pm | Terry Gresham

BRAVO at the MFA | Boston | Rusty Scott

CANTAB LOUNGE | Cambridge | Upstairs | 1 pm | "Cirque du Singe Brise" | 9 pm | Little Joe Cook & the Thrillers

CLUB HOLLYWOOD | Boston | 8:30 pm | "Glitter Switch Drag Karaoke"

CLUB PASSIM | Cambridge | 7 pm | Jim Kweskin + Rose

DICK’S LAST RESORT | Boston | Death by Marriage

DODGE STREET BAR & GRILL | Salem | Chapter in Verse

ENCORE | Boston | DesPres & DeGraff

THE GOOD LIFE DOWNTOWN | Boston | Jim Porcella Trio

GOOD TIME EMPORIUM | Somerville | Navigator + Sunny Black + Universal Truth + J.D. & Busy Bars + Alias

GRAND CANAL | Boston | Velvet Jones

GREEN BRIAR | Brighton | Maxie Courtney

GREEN DRAGON | Boston | Grumpy Jones

GREEN STREET GRILL | Cambridge | "Live Salsa Party" with Kilombo Mambo

HARPERS FERRY | Allston | Tons of Chill

THE HARP | Boston | Last Man Standing

JOEY MAC’S | "Sumptin Special"

JOHNNY D’S | Somerville | Jim Payne Band + Hoodoo Brothers

KIRKLAND CAFE | Somerville | Beast

LES ZYGOMATES | Boston | Marianne Solivan

LIZARD LOUNGE | Cambridge | 9:30 pm | Rudds + Jumbies + Bleu

MIDDLE EAST | Cambridge | Upstairs | 1 pm | Ninja Vanish + Verloren + Mikado | 9 pm | Frank Smith + Chris Warren & His Dirty Friends + Codetta + Reports | Downstairs | "Onslaught Birthday Bash" with Living Syndication + September Twilight + Plan B + Ript Lost Cause

MIDWAY CAFE | Jamaica Plain | Crystal Cock Over Canada + Cathy Cathodic + Schaffer the Dark Lord + Humankind

MR. DOOLEY’S TAVERN | Boston | 9 pm | Celtic Clan

O’BRIEN’S | Allston | Another Life + Stringtheory

OLDE MAGOUN’S SALOON | Somerville | Super 8’s

PADDY O’S | Boston | Kane Brothers

THE PALACE | Saugus | 6 pm | Tony Hawk + Cherry S/T + Sol Prophet + Wreckoning + Death by Fame

THE PALLADIUM | Worcester | Torn Asunder + Burn My Remains + Death Without Weeping

PARADISE ROCK CLUB | Boston | 9 pm | Waltham

PARRIS | Boston | Flavor

P.A.’S LOUNGE | Somerville | Reverse + Raven Society + Stereo Soul Future + Monique Ortiz

REGATTABAR | Cambridge | Los Hombres Calientes

RIVER GODS | Cambridge | 9 pm | "All and Sundry" with Goodwood

THE ROXY | Boston | 10 pm | "Show Saturdays"

RYLES | Cambridge | Teresa Ines Group

SCULLERS | Boston | Rippingtons with Russ Freeman

SEA NOTE | Nantasket Beach | Bellevue Cadillac

SISSY K’S | Boston | 4 pm | Matt Browne | 8 pm | Kevin Kirrane

SIT ‘N BULL PUB | Maynard | Beatle Juice

SQUEALING PIG | Boston | 10 pm | Hill

TOAD | Cambridge | 7 pm | "Greg’s Saturday Showcase" | 10 pm | Sam Bisbee + Thomas Cunningham

TOP OF THE HUB | Boston | Bob Nieske Group

T.T. THE BEAR’S PLACE | Cambridge | Kid606 + Drop the Lime + Knifehandchop + Eats Tapes + We Are Wolves

WALLY’S CAFE | Boston | 9:30 pm | Jason Palmer/Warren Wolf Jazz Collective

WATERWORKS | Quincy | Fasttimes

WELLFLEET BEACHCOMBER | Wellfleet | State Radio

WESTERN FRONT | Cambridge | Milton Henry & the Jammyland Allstars

ZEITGEIST GALLERY | Cambridge | 7 pm | Color & Talea | 9:30 pm | Charlie Kohlhase & His Gang

ZUZU | Cambridge | "Soul-le-lu-Jah"


ANTHEM | Boston | 10 pm | "Latin Fever"

AN TUA NUA | Boston | "Sizzlin Saturday" hip-hop with DJ G Squared

ARIA | Boston | "Ecco," international and vocal house, with DJ Roger M. In the Angel Room, "International Saturdays"

ATLAS DANCE | Boston | "Top 40 Dancing"

AVALON | Boston | 10 pm | DJ Adilson

THE AVENUE | Allston | 9 pm | House with DJ Munroe

AXIS | Boston | 10 pm | "Seductive Saturday" Hip-hop and Reggae with DJ Glen

BLUE CAT CAFE | Boston | DJ Casey

BOSTON ROCKS | Boston | Interactive video Top 40 Dance & hip-hop party with VJ Johnnie Walker

BUCK MULLIGAN’S | West Roxbury | R&B, rock, and dance with DJ Keith

BUZZ BOSTON/EUROPA | Boston | "Killer Dance Club" gay night with DJs Mary Alice + Michael Sheehan

CANTAB LOUNGE | Cambridge | Downstairs | DJ Turn-ta-Bill

CLUB CAFE | Boston | "Boys Night Out" with VJ Cliff Cunningham

DEVLIN’S LOUNGE AND BAR | Brighton | "Mixes & Remixes" with DJs Daniel Spurling + Chris Deorio

DRUID PUB | Cambridge | "Saturday Social" with DJ Rodney Marable

EMBASSY | Boston | 10 pm | "Sensation Saturday" hip-hop with DJ Val | "Russian Night" with DJ Demetrius

ENORMOUS ROOM | Cambridge | 9:30 pm | "Reverbate" with Mark Estrada

THE E ROOM AT THE GOLDEN TEMPLE | Brookline | Disco, motown, and classics from the 80s & 90s with DJ John Reed

FELT | Boston | "Top 40 and Club Classics"

FOUNDATION LOUNGE | Boston | 70s, 80s, funky disco, motown with DJ Edward Grant Stuart

G-SPOT | Boston | "Deep, sexy house" with DJs Mike Traylor + Paul Incus

HOFFA’S SWIZZ ALPS | Cambridge | 10 pm | Funk, reggae, rap, R&B, soul with DJ Frank White

HONG KONG | Cambridge | Top 40 Hip-Hop, Rock & Club Classics with DJ Chris G

I/D | Boston | "Life Ladies’ Night"

JUKEBOX | Boston | Top 40 and retro dance night

THE KELLS | Allston | "Celebration Saturday" with DJs Darren Drag + Kieran

MANRAY | Cambridge | "Transmission" retro new wave with DJ Chris Ewen | High energy and 70s disco trash with DJ Gary Conzo

MARQUEE | Boston | DJ Murray

MILKY WAY | Jamaica Plain | 9 pm | "Mango’s Latin Dance Club" with DJ Antonio Ortiz

OPAL LOUNGE | Boston | 10 pm | "CandyShop Lesbian Night"

ORLEANS | Somerville | DJ Gabe

PHOENIX LANDING | Cambridge | "Skate + Destroy: 1980s Skateboard Fashion Show" with DJ Vinny

THE PLACE | Boston | VJ Laptop

Q | Boston | 9 pm | DJ Profenna.

THE RACK | Boston | 9 pm | "Sound Factory" with DJ Brian Roche

REDLINE | Cambridge | 10 pm | DJ Cherry

ROGGIE’S | Brighton | House with DJ Marc Farrell

SCRUFFY MURPHY’S | Dorchester | "Party Time" with DJ Jen

SISSY K’S | Boston | Upstairs | "Dance Party" old school and new dance with DJ Tom McKenna

SUGAR SHACK | Boston | Hip hop and top 40 with DJ B-Spin

SWEETWATER CAFE | Boston | Old and new dance hits with DJs KC + Gallo

THIRSTY SCHOLAR PUB | Somerville | DJ Sean

TOAST | Somerville | "Sexy Saturday" hip-hop, reggae, dance with DJ 9-1

TRATTORIA IL PANINO | Boston | 70s, 80s, and 90s with DJ Zino | progressive, top-40, club, and international with DJ Steve Anderson

21st AMENDMENT | Boston | DJ Sean Daly

VAPOR | Boston | "Crosswalk" with DJs David Skye + M.J.

VENU | Boston | European disco house with DJs Javier + Nico | "Mythos" ethnic house and Greek sounds with DJ Yorgo

VERTIGO | Boston | "Vertigo Saturdays" hip hop, R&B, house, and reggae with DJ Ron Steel

WEST STREET GRILLE | Boston | Top 40 funk and dance with DJs Gabe + Lazee Boy

WHO’S ON FIRST | Boston | 10 pm | DJs Garfield + Disciple + Nate


BEANTOWN COMEDY VAULT | 781.729.2565 | at Remington’s, 124 Boylston St, Boston | "Boston Attitude" with Val Kappa

COMEDY STUDIO | 617.864.5311 | 1236 Mass Ave, Cambridge | Derek Gerry + Harris Wittles + EJ Murphy

IMPROV ASYLUM | 617.263.6887 | 216 Hanover St, Boston | 8 and 10 pm | "Summer in New England" | Midnight | "The Midnight Show"

IMPROVBOSTON THEATRE | 617.576.1253 | 1253 Cambridge St, Cambridge | 6 pm | "ImprovBoston Family Show | 8 and 10 pm | "ImprovBoston Mainstage"


Tonight it’s French compositions (or at least French titles) at Tanglewood with Hans Graf on the podium for Ravel’s Le tombeau de Couperin and Shéhérazade, selections from Canteloube’s Chants d’Auvergne, and Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique Symphony. Frederica Von Stade is the vocal soloist. That’s in the Koussevitzky Music Shed, 297 West St, Lenox | 8:30 pm | $18-$96 | 617.266.1200.

BRAHMS SOCIETY ORCHESTRA | Britten’s Four Sea Interludes, Brahms’s Symphony No. 4, the Crucifixus and arias from Bach’s B-minor Mass | 8 pm | First Congregational Church, 11 Garden St, Cambridge | $15 | 617.496.2222

COMPOSERS’ CONFERENCE | presents works by Jeremy Sagala, Wes Matthews, Nathan Shields | 8 pm | Wellesley College, Jewett Auditorium, 106 Central St, Wellesley | Free | 781.283.2069


We’re riding Houston’s jock just as hard as the next dude who gets all his rap news off the Internet, and that goes double for anything bearing the UGK seal of approval. (You heard ’em, even if you didn’t know it, on Jay-Z’s "Big Pimpin’," and they’re revered by such contemporary Lone Star statesmen as Paul Wall, Slim Thug, and Mike Jones.) Webbie is a protégé of the incarcerated half of the UGK partnership, Pimp C, and the duo’s other half, Bun B, has been keeping the 19-year-old Louisiana kid on point. The Webbie/Bun collaboration "Give Me That" is pure fire, and now Webbie makes a rare Northern appearance at the Funkmaster Flex Auto Show, with Akon + Mashonda | Tweeter Center, Mansfield | 2 pm | $27.50 | 617.931.2000.

LOWELL FOLK FESTIVAL | with Daryl Davis + Jeff Little + Dale Ann Bradley + Dave Bourne + Kevin Naquin & the Ussun Playboys + La Caracuaros + La Bottine Souriante + Mamadou Diabate Ensemble + Nora Jean Bruso + the Roma Band + Solas + Sounds of Korea + Tatiana Sarbinska + others | Today noon-10 pm; tomorrow noon-6 pm | outdoor stages throughout Lowell | Free | 978.970.5200


CROSBY, STILLS & NASH | 8 pm | Bank of America Pavilion, 290 Northern Ave, Boston | $36-$51 | 617.931.2000

D-TENSION + HANK CRANE + AUDREY CAN’T DIE | 9 pm | The Old Court, 29 Central St, Lowell | Free | 978.452.0100

DRAW THE LINE | 7 pm | City Hall Plaza, Boston | Free | 888.226.7711

GOSPEL GLORY CONCERT WITH TRAMAINE HAWKINS | 7 pm | Berklee Performance Center, 136 Mass Ave, Boston | $20-$40 | 617.931.2000

"HISTORY OF HIPHOP BLOCK PARTY" | with DJ Flack + DJ C + Wayne & Wax + Brick Casey + DJ Yamin + DJ Def Rock + Critical Breakdown + breakdancers + writers + more | 4-8 pm | Union Square Plaza, Somerville | Free | 617.513.6755

NEW BLACK EAGLE JAZZ BAND | 7 pm | Maudslay Arts Center, Curzon’s Mill Rd, Newburyport | $15-$20 | 978.499.0050

NIGHT RALLY + BADMAN + KNEEHIGHS | 6 pm | outside Flat Top Johnny’s, 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge | Free | 617.494.9565

STONE & STEEL FEST | with Absynth + Anamalech + Antibody Division + Backwoods + Black Harvest + Blackout Frenzy + Coldread + Days Unknown + Filthy Souls + Forever’s Fallen Grace + Hypersolid + Inheritance + Inner Self Lost + Marching Through Silence + Meliah Rage + Murder in the First + Norseth + Red Right Hand + Sacreligion + Screams of Eridia + Shroud of Bereavement + Silversted + Skulltoboggan + Soma City + Stryk Nine + Suicide Dream + the Departed + Whiskey Chapel + Wretched Asylum + pig roast + wrestling | 10 am-10 pm | Bellingham Sportsman’s Club, 360 Lake St, Bellingham | $20 | www.jayfest.com


NEW ENGLAND CONTRAS + SQUARES COUPLES DANCE | 8 pm | Scout House, 74 Walden St, Concord | $8 | 617.547.7781

NOCHE DE LA SALSA | 9:30 pm | Brookline Community Center for the Arts, 14 Green St, Brookline | $10 | 617.738.2800

RYLES DANCE HALL | with Latin, swing, and tango sounds with DJ Chris Johnston | 9 pm | Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire St, Cambridge | $12 | 617.876.9330


Sure, he was in town a couple of months ago, but fans just can’t get enough. Mark Morris Dance Group comes to Jacob’s Pillow with Rock of Ages (Schubert’s Adagio in E-flat), All Fours (Bartók’s String Quartet No. 4), the "Tamil Film Songs in Stereo" Pas de Deux (we suspect satirical intent), and Grand Duo (Lou Harrison). In the Ted Shawn Theatre, George Carter Rd, Becket | Today at 2 + 8 pm, and tomorrow at 2 pm | $49.50-$55 | 413.243.0745.

ASzURe & ARTISTS | Mais We | Today at 2:15 + 8:15 pm; tomorrow at 5 pm | Jacobs Pillow, Doris Duke Studio Theatre, George Carter Rd, Becket | $18-$20 | 413.243.0745

CHOREOGRAPHERS’ PROJECT SHOWCASE | 8 pm | Concord Academy Performing Arts Center, 166 Main St, Concord | $20, $10 for students | 978.402.2339


If you can relate to Forrest Gump, you’ll want to head over to Magnolias Southern Cuisine (1193 Cambridge Street, Cambridge) before the end of July. Through Sunday, the restaurant is holding a Shrimp Festival, featuring dishes like coconut-beer-battered shrimp, Louisiana shrimp boil, and shrimp-stuffed rainbow trout. Call 617.576.1971 for reservations and information.

Prix fixe dinners are lovely and all, but don’t you sometimes wish you could choose the courses yourself, rather than having to rely on the chef’s whims? Thanks to Grotto (37 Bowdoin Street, Boston), now you can. Throughout July, the restaurant is celebrating its second anniversary by offering a three-course, $30 build-your-own meal featuring any appetizer, entrée, and dessert from the regular menu. Call 617.227.3434 for reservations and information.


From drought-emptied in-ground pools to a multi-million-dollar stadium spectacle with effects worthy of Cirque du Soleil: skateboarding’s come a long way since the days celebrated in Lords of Dogtown. Yes, the man who catapulted the sport from ’zines to video-game gold is still at the center of the action hosting his Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam at the TD Banknorth Garden, with a guest-list of skaters, BMXers, and motocross riders including Andy Macdonald, Mat Hoffman, and Drake McElroy. Meanwhile, Hawk’s old signature model pigboard is making time with the Variflex and Black Flag boards you broke your wrists riding back in grade school. DJ Vinny’s got a dumpster full of them as accessories to his Skate And Destroy: A 1980s Fashion Show." With his Pandora’s Foxes models dolled up in Vision T’s and Jams, and DJs spinning era-appropriate thrash, it’s at the Phoenix Landing. And later, Hawk holds court at a Huck Jam After Party at the Palace in Saugus with bands including Cherry S/T. Tony Hawk Boom Boom Huck Jam | TD Banknorth Garden, Causeway St, Boston | 7 pm | $25-$75 | 617.931.2000 | "Skate & Destroy: A 1980s Fashion Show" | Phoenix Landing, 512 Mass Ave, Cambridge | 617.576.6260 | Huck Jam After Party | Rio at the Palace, 1500 Broadway, Saugus | $25 | 781.233.7400.

FUNKMASTER FLEX CUSTOM CAR & BIKE SHOW with Akon + Mashonda + Webbie + 112 | 2 pm | Tweeter Center, 885 South Main St, Mansfield | $27.50 | 617.931.2000

"HISTORY OF HIPHOP BLOCK PARTY" with DJ Flack + DJ C + Wayne & Wax + Brick Casey + DJ Yamin + DJ Def Rock + Critical Breakdown + breakdancers + writers + more | 4-8 pm | Union Square Plaza, Somerville | Free | 617.513.6755

TONY HAWK’S BOOM BOOM HUCKJAM TOUR with skateboarders Tony Hawk + Andy MacDonald + Lincoln Ueda + Sergie Ventura + Rune Glifberg; BMX riders Mat Hoffman + Dennis McCoy + Chad Kagy + Kevin Robinson; Moto X freestyle riders Drake McElroy + Ronnie Faisst + Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg + Dustin Miller | 7 pm | TD Banknorth Garden, Causeway St, Boston | $25-$75 | 617.931.2000

YANKEE HOMECOMING BLUES CRUISE with Sweet Willie D. + Parker Wheeler + J. Laite | 7 pm | Plum Island Point, Newburyport | $30 | 800.427.1333


CANDYSHOP LESBIAN NIGHT | 10 pm | Opal Lounge, 48 Winter St, Boston | $10 | 617.482.6725

GLITTER SWITCH DRAG KARAOKE | 8:30 pm | Club Hollywood Boston, 41 Essex St, Boston | $5 | 617.417.0186


Still kicking yourself for missing Dispatch’s farewell show at the Hatch Shell last summer? Forget regret: get your battered-and-bruised self over to the Somerville Theatre (55 Davis Square, Somerville) and catch it on film. Last Dispatch, directed by Helmut Schleppi, chronicles the fiercely indie band’s preparations for a three-and-a-half-hour concert that, in an astonishing word-of-mouth coup, brought more than 100,000 fans to the Esplanade even as it brought a moving sense of closure to the band itself. Showtimes were TBA at press time; call 617.625.4088 or visit www.somervilletheatreonline.com for details.

OPENING THIS WEEKEND: Stealth is a film on automatic pilot as a computer-run super plane raises the specter of HAL by writing its own murderous program. Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, and Jamie Foxx play humans; Rob Cohen (XXX) directs. The students at Sky High don’t seem so incredible to their peers despite their superpowers. Michael Angarano, Danielle Panabaker, Kurt Russell, and Kelly Preston star; Mike Mitchell (Deuce Bigalow) directs. A woman tries to recover from a traumatic memory while director Greg Harrison (Groove) messes with viewers’ minds in November; Courteney Cox and James Le Gros star. A married couple — Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Stéphane Freiss — break up while director François Ozon plays with chronology in 5x2. Asif Kapadia’s The Warrior takes us back to feudal India for its epic about the title ass kicker. Karen Shakhnazarov’s The Rider Named Death takes us back to 1905 Moscow for its tale about the title revolutionary; it’s at the Museum of Fine Arts. And across the river at the Brattle Theatre, another ’80s icon is celebrated this weekend with showings of Jim Henson’s two features, The Dark Crystal (1982) and Labyrinth (1986).

For more movies and showtimes, see our Movie Theater directory.


"OPEN BARK POETRY NIGHT" with Deborah Priestly | 8 pm | Out of the Blue Gallery, 106 Prospect St, Cambridge | Suggested donation $3-$5 | 617.354.5287

JIM SHEPARD reads from his work | 8 pm | Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center, 24 Pearl St, Provincetown | Free | 508.487.9960


Provincetown Theatre Company kicks off a revival of Pulitzer winner Paula Vogel’s The Baltimore Waltz, which she wrote as a tribute to her brother Carl, who died of AIDS in 1988. Patrick Falco directs the Obie-winning work, in which an elementary-school teacher who has acquired a mysterious disease from toilet seats is accompanied by her brother Carl as she travels through Europe in search of a cure. It’s at Provincetown Theater, 238 Bradford St, Provincetown | through August 30 | $18 | 508.487.9793.

Queer Soup and Another Country Productions team up for the joint fundraiser Summer Creature Double Feature, which harks back to the B-movies of the ’50s with Jess Martin’s Interview with a Fifty-Foot Woman and Revenge of the Fifty-Foot Woman: Journey to the Center of Canada! and adds lesbian spice to an old story in Lyralen Kaye’s My Mother and the Nun, the prurient tale of a 1970s housewife who falls in love with her children’s Catholic-school principal. At Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, 949 Comm Ave, Boston | Tonight at 8 pm | $20, $50 for premier seating | 617.824.4297.

To be or not to be free is the question for the Hamlet continuing tonight, and the answer is in the affirmative. This is the 10th annual outing for Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s free al fresco Shakespeare on Boston Common. Nothing sad about that, and film and TV actor Jeffrey Donovan promises he’ll be no melancholy Dane either. The Shakespearean shilly-shallying also stars Will Lyman, Karen MacDonald, and Sam Weisman, under the direction of Steve Maler. Parade Ground, corner of Beacon and Charles Streets | through August 7 | 8 p.m., weather permitting.

Shakespeare can carry the weight of the world or he can be right up there with the Three Stooges. The Publick Theatre weighs in with one of the Bard’s pure farces, The Comedy of Errors, which provides not one but two sets of twins who don’t know about each other and then piles mistaken identity on mistaken identity, with a lot of punning and Punch-and-Judy violence thrown in. Publick Theatre, 1400 Soldiers Field Rd, Brighton | through September 10 | $30 | 617.782.5425.

Two Shakespeare plays not enough for you? Shakespeare East takes an epic-smorgasbord approach in Hal Harry Henry, which opens a weekend run at the BCA’s Stanford Calderwood Pavilion. The piece, billed as "100 years of comedy, tragedy, and triumph in 90 minutes," was culled by Shawn Cody from the Bard’s Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, and Hamlet. Calderwood Pavilion, 527 Tremont St, Boston | through tomorrow | $25 | 617.933.8600.

The romance in Paris is real estate in Israel Horovitz’s My Old Lady, which is being revived at Horovitz’s home base, Gloucester Stage Company. Eric C. Engel directs fellow Elliot Norton awardee Nancy E. Carroll in the comedy, in which a down-on-his-luck American inherits an apartment in the City of Light, only to discover he can’t cash it in because it comes with the 94-year-old lifetime tenant of the title. GSC, 267 East Main St, Gloucester | through August 7 | $30; $20 seniors and students | 978.281.4433.

The one in the many, the many in the one: this mystical concept swirls around the personal-political drama at the core of The Syringa Tree, a stunning solo performance returning by demand to the American Repertory Theatre (64 Brattle Street, Cambridge) through August 7. Under the direction of Larry Moss, playwright and star Pamela Gien transforms herself into a cast of no fewer than 24 characters — themselves members of four generations linked to a single South African household. Through them, Gien explores the culture of apartheid and its far-reaching and long-lasting, yet intricate and intimate, effects. Join the her-in-them and the them-in-her by purchasing tickets at 617.547.8300 or www.amrep.org (prices range from $36 to $62 for weeknights and Sunday matinees, $49 to $72 for Friday and Saturday nights).

GET LISTED! Click here.

Issue Date: July 30, 2005
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