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Best clunky shoes

There's never a good time to call Vintage with a question. It's not that they hire clerks fresh off the sourpuss-training track of Durgin-Park, but the store is so damn popular among clog aficionados that there just isn't much time for small talk. If you want to know what kinds of clogs they carry here, get your butt down to the store and look for yourself. Or take our word for it: they have it all.

That means dozens of clog styles in two broad categories, a harried clerk explained: those intended for comfort and those intended for style. Wide feet? Try some nifty black models with accordion pleats. More concerned with flash than fit? The staff might hook you up in neon green. Do you want leather, suede, or rubber? Slip-ons, slingbacks, or mules? Shiny finish or matte? Nails visible or hidden? If you think of clogs as just clunky Dutch-girl kitsch, think again.

Except for a basket of sale items on the sidewalk, the goods are on the pricey side, but they're also superhero durable. That's why they're a favorite with chefs (who stand on their feet for hours at a stretch), as well as with hip urbanites who are rediscovering the beauty of goods once dismissed as utilitarian. If you still have questions, the folks at Vintage could answer them, but consider yourself warned: if you call in the middle of a sale, they probably won't.

Vintage Etc., 1798 Mass Ave, Cambridge, (617) 497-1516.

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