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photo by Steve Mirarchi

Best mini wine boutique

Local wine behemoths like Martignetti's and Marty's keep an impressive number of bottles in stock at all times, and there's much to be said for that. But if your measure of greatness is quality, not quantity, then check out the new kid on the block, Solera: A Shrine to Wine. This small, fledgling shop, located in the heart of Roslindale Square, lives up to its name. The store is warmly decorated in orange, purple, and blue, and filled with rack after rack of hard-to-find labels - at more than reasonable prices. Looking for a hearty Australian shiraz? No problem. Seeking a dry Argentinean malbec? All set. Craving a crisp Californian sauvignon blanc? You're covered. Indeed, with nearly 300 selections from across the globe, Solera offers a stellar sampling of the world's best vineyards. The only problem, it seems, is making the choice. Luckily, the staff, eager to dole out advice, is well-versed in grape-talk.

Solera: A Shrine to Wine, 12 Corinth Street, Roslindale Square, (617) 469-4005.

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