Best Food & Drink-
Editors' Picks

Best Food & Drink- Readers' Picks

Best place to get drunk accidentally
Best reason to follow your friends to Worcester
Best pseudo-sexual experience
Best mini wine boutique
Best bang for your buck
Best place to get creamed
Best taste of the Middle East (without actually having to go there)
Best place to buy wine, pie, or what sounds like both
Best place to have a gourmet meal and buy a used car
Best way to contemplate death while dining
Best place to begin and/or end a walk down Newbury Street
Best place to pretend you're Ernest Hemingway writing Across the River and into the Trees
Best place to exercise your constitutional rights
Best brunch binge
Best place to hum the Cheers theme song
Best consolation when your Caribbean vacation falls through
Best way to travel the Deep South (and elsewhere)
Best way to burn off breakfast
Best way to get a buzz and still pass a Breathalyzer test
Best place to go shopping before dinner
Best reason to celebrate NAFTA
Best bet for staving off scurvy

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